Grammatical Support Tools


Grammatical support tools allow people who experience difficulties with their grammar to make their computing and writing much easier. Grammatical support can benefit even the most seasoned writers! Software for grammar correction and support is designed to run in the background and monitor grammar as the user writes. Grammar learning aids contains programs designed to actively improve the grammar of the user.

Want to learn more about grammar support tools? Ottawa Network for Education created videos for students who are interested in learning about or starting to use technologies for reading, writing and other school work. To learn more about grammatical support tools, visit Ottawa Network for Education's website to watch a videos titled ‘AT Tools for Writing,’  ‘AT Tools for Editing,’ and 'Tools for Writing and Editing.'

Points to Ponder

Questions to consider when choosing grammatical support tools

  • Is it compatible with your operating system?
  • Do you need access to multiple computer systems with grammar support tools available on it? If so, consider whether the software is available on a USB key.
  • What additional support would you want to be included in the tool? E.g., spell checker, punctuation checker, dictionary, etc.
  • Does it need to work with other technology for example word prediction software, on-screen keyboard?



Manufacturers of Grammar Correction and Support Tools

SNOW does not endorse any of the following software/hardware. These links are provided for information purposes only.

English+  - Grammar Slammer (Windows)
Linguisoft – Grammarian PRO2 X (Mac)
WhiteSmoke Inc. – WhiteSmoke (Windows and Mac) 
Wintertree Software – Grammar Expert Plus (Windows)
Word Logic Corporation – WordLogic (Windows)
Word Web Software – WordWeb Pro (Windows)

Manufacturers of Grammar Learning Aids

Gepeto Software – Grammar Quest (Windows)
Merit Software – Writing Mechanics – Grammar Software (Windows)

Online / Free / Open Source Software
WhiteSmoke Inc. – WhiteSmoke Toolbar (Windows and Mac)
Word Web Software – WordWeb (Windows)
Glacier Entertainment – Super Spell Checker (Windows) - Online grammar support tool 
On English Grammar Blog, see articles titled: ‘Choosing the Best Grammar Correction Software’ and ‘Online Grammar Resources’

Additional Useful Links

Cingletree Learning
Grammar Bytes
One Look Dictionary Search