Blackberry Smartphones

Alternative Display Apps

Caller ID Reader - will speak the caller ID info
Clarity Theme - is an app that helps users see and use the BlackBerry with greater ease. It features a simplified home screen interface; large, text only icons on the home screen and high-contrast display themes.
Wireless IP-Relay - is a wireless Internet-based communications service allowing deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to communicate with hearing individuals.  A Communications Assistant relays the conversation between the parties by converting text to voice.


Alternative Control Apps 

Dragon for E-mail - allows you to send and respond to your emails by simply using your voice
MyCaption Voice-to-Text - allows you to use your voice to write emails, text messages, makes notes, memo, task entries and add events on your calendar.


Augmentative Processing Apps

Mindmaps - is a mind mapping tool and a brainstorming application. It allows you to order your thoughts, store ideas and bring structure into complex concepts
reQall - is a location-aware memory aid that integrates you email, text and instant messages into an organizer, reminder system and productivity assistant. reQall provides location-based alerts to tell you what you need to remember based on where you are. With reQall you can: speak or type your reminders into your BlackBerry - reQall will convert what you say to text; by recognizing dates, times and keywords, reQall automatically organizes your to-dos, notes and shopping list items; and receive timely reminders via instant message or email.


Resources for BlackBerry Smartphones

Blackberries include built-in features that make it accessible for various disabilities including: vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive and speech. Find out more about these features on the Blackberry Accessibility webpage.

App Store: Blackberry App World

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