Mind Mapping Software


Mind mapping software, also known as concept mapping, is used to create relationships from concepts, ideas and information. Mind mapping software can help to brain storm ideas; act as a memory aid while studying; help to gather information; organize your ideas; describe relationships between ideas; prepare presentations; help with researching; and to start planning a project and/or essay. Mind mapping tools are also available online for free and/or may require a membership.

Some features that may be available in mind mapping software include:

  • Creating trees that are expandable or collapsible
  • The ability to re-arrange topics in your map
  • Use of colours and shapes on your map
  • Adding pictures to concepts, ideas, etc.
  • Embedding documents, notes and web links within the structure of the map
  • Allowing you to export the information to word documents, PDFs, presentations, etc.

Mind mapping software is often used by individuals who learn visually.

Want to learn more about mind mapping software? Ottawa Network for Education created videos for students who are interested in learning about or starting to use technologies for reading, writing and other school work. To learn more about word prediction software, visit Ottawa Network for Education's website to watch a video titled ‘Pre-writing: That Was Easy! Using AT to Organize Your Ideas’ and 'Mind Mapping Tools.'

Points to Ponder

Questions to consider when choosing a mind mapping software

  •  Is it compatible with your operation system?
  • Consider why you are using the mind mapping software. Do you need the mind map to look visually appealing?
  • Do you need graphics for your mind maps? Does the software have an extensive library of graphics to make your map interesting and easily navigable by using symbols?
  • DO you need access to multiple computer systems with mind mapping software available on it? If so, consider whether the mapping software is available on a USB key or search for online mind mapping tools.
  • Are able to position the tree branches any way you want?
  • Can you export the data into other applications?



Manufacturers of Mind Mapping Software

SNOW does not endorse any of the following software/hardware. These links are provided for information purposes only.

AKS-Labs – Mind Pad (Windows)
AvizSoft – Aviz ThoughtMapper (Windows)
Buzan Organization – HeadCASE (Windows)
InnovationGear – Mind Visualizer (Windows)
Inspiration Software, Inc. – Inspiration, Kidspiration (Windows and Mac)
Matchware – MindView (Windows and Mac)
Mindcad LLC – Mindcad (Mac)
MindGenius Ltd. – Mind Genius Business, Education (Windows)
Mindjet – MindManager (Window and Mac), Mindjet (Mind mapping app for Mobile phones)
NMS Global Pty Ltd. - Novamind Express, Pro and Platinum (Windows and Mac), iBlueSky and iThoughts (Mind mapping apps for Mobile phones)
Sim Tech Systems, Inc. – MindMapper Mobile, Standard, Professional and USB (Windows)
SMART Technologies – Smart Ideas (Windows and Mac)
TheBrain – Personal Brain (Windows, Mac and Linux)
ThinkBuzan – iMindMap Elements, Professional, Ultimate, Ultimate Plus (Windows and Mac)
XMind Ltd. – XMind 6 (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Free Online Mind Mapping Tools

IRIAN Solutions – Mind42
MeisterLabs – MindMeister Basic
WiseMapping Corporation – WiseMapping


Free / Open Source Software

FreeMind (Windows, Mac and Linux) 
XMind Ltd. – Xmind (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Additional Useful Links

Mind Mapping Software Blog